The attorneys at Bailey & Oliver have the knowledge, ability, and expertise to represent clients in any and all aspects of real estate law.  Our current clients, and previous cases, have provided a wealth of experience enabling us to handle any sort of real estate matter. Whether you are looking for an attorney to simply review documents, negotiate for you, or go to court on your behalf, the attorneys at Bailey & Oliver can handle it all and we will work zealously to resolve any conflicts quickly and efficiently for you.

Examples of Real Estate Law:

  • Buying and Selling of Properties

  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes

  • Leasing Negotiations

  • Eminent Domain Disputes

  • Deed Drafting

  • Foreclosures

  • Evictions

  • Security Deposit Issues

  • Litigation

  • Zoning and Land Use

  • Easements

  • Title Issues

    These are just a few areas of real estate law we handle.  Need help with an issue you don’t see? Call us. Our attorneys are experienced in a long list of real estate matters.  (479) 202-5200