Accidents involving the use of a product which result in injury or death are included in an area of law called “products liability.” People are hurt every day at home, outside the home, and at work while using everything from common household items to highly complicated industrial machinery and chemicals. Products liability cases can range from, but not limited, to accidents involving: forklifts, garbage trucks, lighters, stairways, ramps, pesticides, toxic substances, deer hunting stands, household appliances, lawn mowers, weed cutters, beverage bottles, electrical connections, and space heaters.

Defective products cases require extensive resources and experience. Expert witnesses can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We not only have the resources to pursue these cases, but we have the connections to the top experts and the experience to take on even the largest corporations nationwide.

When we accept your case, we will work exceptionally hard and commit our every resource to achieving the best result for you and your family, including proceeding to trial if that becomes necessary, all the while caring for you and your family. If you or any one close to you has suffered injuries due to a defective product, please contact Bailey & Oliver Law Firm to discuss your rights. Call us at (479) 202-5200.

(For additional information concerning Product Liability, read Frank Bailey's blog "Product Liability and the Law" posted to this website March 23, 2016)

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