If you have been involved in a wreck, or had a fire, or some other type of calamity, you need to know your rights under the insurance policy.  Usually the insurance company will want to pay the minimum amount under the insurance policy, and you will want the maximum amount available under the policy.  That is where a qualified attorney can help inforce your rights.

At Bailey & Oliver Law Firm we can interpret the insurance policy to determine the maximum amount you are entitled to under the policy.  The first page of the policy is called the Declarations Page.  It states the dollar amounts available for each type of coverage.  Your policy will also have endorsements and riders that may expand or limit what you are entitled to.  Often policies are written in language that is difficult to understand.  A qualified attorney at Bailey & Oliver Law Firm can help to explain the legal language in the policy.

You may not need an attorney if you are communicating with your adjustor in writing and in person, and you seem to be making progress toward a fair settlement.  If your best efforts have failed, and you have reached an impasse, a qualified attorney at Bailey & Oliver Law Firm can take over for you and communicate directly with the insurance company. 

Some attorneys charge hourly fees which can range from $200-$450 per hour.  Other attorneys work on a contingent fee basis.  Your hourly fees can add up quickly, and are owed even if the attorney loses your case.  That is why you will want an attorney that works on a contingent fee basis.  That means the attorney will only get paid if they win for you.  At Bailey & Oliver Law Firm, we handle insurance claims on a contingent fee basis which allows you to level the playing with the insurance company, without having to expend money out of your pocket.

You do not always have to sue your insurance company in order to achieve a fair settlement.  There are several alternatives available to resolve disputes.  Many insurance claims are settled through mediation or arbitration.  You can work with your attorney to determine if an alternative method of resolving you claim is best for you.

We invite you to call us with your questions concerning insurance claims.  We do not charge for inquires. Contact us at (479) 202-5200.


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