Industrial worksites can be dangerous. Industrial worksites usually have large moving equipment, multiple contract jobs occurring at the same location and the same time, multiple companies and contractors working with and against each other, and deadlines. When all of this is added together, too often, safety is overlooked and workers get injured.

 Industrial Accidents 01   The larger the equipment or objects involved in a job, the more risk for harm and injury. The more contracted jobs occurring at the same location at the same time, the more risk for harm and injury. The more companies and contractors with different policies, procedures, training methods, supervision methods, and communication methods working on the same job site, the more risk for harm and injury. When deadlines are not reasonable, based on production and not safety, the more



Steps to reduce and prevent harm and injury on industrial worksites include:                                                                                                                                    

  1. Ensuring qualified contractors, employees, and personnel are doing the jobs                               

  2. Training  contractors, employees, and personnel working the jobs

  3. Supervising  contractors, employees, and personnel working the jobs                                                               

  4. Ensuring the same communication system is in place between all parties working the same jobs

  5. Everyone must follow known safety rules!                                         

  Industrial Accidents 03Our team has represented hard working folks injured on many different types of industrial worksites. From nuclear plants to grain mills, from construction sites of homes to apartment buildings, from factories to shopping malls. We are very familiar with the safety rules that should be applied and used to prevent injury and death. We know how to use these safety rules in litigation to represent our clients. If you would like to learn more information about safety on industrial worksites, what safety rules should be applied and used, or what are your rights as someone who has been hurt on an industrial worksite, call us at 479.202.5200 or email one of our team members who has worked on industrial accident cases:,,, or

 Industrial Accidents 04Some recoverable money damages for the harms and losses after an industrial accident include:                                        

  1. Lost income from missing work

  2. Future lost income if someone cannot go back to work

  3. Medical bills for treatment since the industrial accident and into the future

  4. Travel expenses for medical treatment

  5. Loss of life in the unfortunate event of death

  6. Mental anguish of the those harmed

  7. Physical pain from injuries

  8. Mental pain from injuries and loss

  9. Permanent impairment, scaring, and other life effecting injuries.

  10. Every case is a unique and may have other monetary damage categories.

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