Accidents Caused by Negligence in the Hospitality Industry

Vacationers choose a hotel or resort offering amenities that make them feel rested, relaxed and more like having fun. They often choose a brand they trust, because the brand advertises about the care they have for their guests’ enjoyment. The same is true when diners choose a restaurant. They trust that the owners have put safety issues first, to protect guests. But accidents and food-borne illnesses can happen anytime and anywhere. Hotels, resorts and restaurants have a duty to maintain property in a reasonably safe condition, and serve food that is safe for consumption. A property owner can be made to pay damages when the owner was aware or should have known of a dangerous condition that caused an accident or illness.

Claims of negligence against members of the hospitality industry can involve slips-and-falls, injuries or death in pools or activity areas, and negligent maintenance of the facilities. For example, one case brought  to court involved a guest falling from the top landing of a stairwell, where there was no stairwell lighting, and no marking indicating where the landing ended and the stairs began. Another claim was from a diving accident, where the dock owner did not have a sign notifying guests that water levels were very low due to drought in the area. In another instance, a jury awarded one person nearly $450,000 when he brought a claim for severe injuries against a resort when he fell into a six-foot hole in the parking lot.

How does an injured guest prove a hotel or restaurant harmed them? You can choose a law firm to investigate your claim and take it to trial if negligence is discovered. Bailey & Oliver Law Firm is that firm. Our team of lawyers and expert witnesses combine years of experience investigating negligence cases and bringing them to a successful conclusion.

Contact us at (479) 202-5200 if you feel your hotel or resort stay, or your dining experience, caused you harm. We are motivated to win your case, because we don’t get paid unless we win for you. Inquiries are free.

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