Fraternity hazing can cause serious physical and emotional injury to college students. Sadly, fraternity hazing can also cause death.

Fraternity hazing can take many forms from alcohol abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and even drug abuse. Fraternities that force pledges or other members to perform unsafe activities in the form of hazing are not responsible and are not safe.

Local and national fraternities must enforce anti-hazing policies to make sure that pledges and fraternity members are protected from harm. Some of the reasons why fraternity hazing is so dangerous is because of the age of the individuals involved, often times drugs or alcohol are involved, and there is usually not responsible adult supervision.

Our firm has represented injured students harmed by hazing. Our firm has pursued litigation against local and national fraternities. Our firm has worked with fraternities to develop and enforce anti-hazing policies. Our firm has worked to shut down fraternities that were unsafe.

We are passionate about stopping fraternity hazing and are willing to talk with you or your family to determine if we can help. If you would like to talk with someone on our litigation team who has represented those affected by fraternity negligence, contact Sach Oliver, Frank Bailey, or Ryan Scott

Fraternity injuries and deaths can happen at any time if safety rules are not being followed. If you or someone you know has experienced any kind of injury or harm as a result of fraternity negligence, please contact us for more information and see if we can help.

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