Often overlooked, estate planning is a crucial and valuable resource that every individual should utilize.  A huge misconception is that only the rich need to worry about having a will or trust so that upon their death their assets are disposed of according to their plans.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Every individual needs to have a plan in place for how their estate will be handled upon their death.  At Bailey & Oliver, estate planning and administration is much of what we do, and we take a personal approach with every client to ensure we accomplish your wishes.  We will walk you through all of your options, and provide you with the pros and cons of each option so that you can make the decision that best fits your wishes.  Whether we set up a will, trust, or a combination of both, we’ll outline for you everything from A to Z, including drafting any collateral documents such as a Power of Attorney (property and/or healthcare) or a Living Will/Advanced Directive.  Transferring your wealth to your heirs in a swift, efficient manner while limiting your exposure to gift and estate taxes is our primary goal.  We want you to have peace of mind that all of your affairs are in order and your wishes for how your estate will be handled will be fulfilled.

Our attorneys also have experience in the administration of estates where a loved one has passed away and probate or trust administration proceedings are required.  We will be there to guide you in this difficult time and handle the complex and tedious procedural requirements of the probate process to ensure the estate is distributed pursuant to the wishes of the deceased.

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