Kayla Hiett Special Projects Manager (Catastrophic Injury Division)

Kayla Hiett

Kayla joined our team in October 2020 as a Special Projects Manager for the CAT Team. As such, she loves being the resident “snooper” and digging into evidence to create useful visuals for litigation. When she is not sifting through paperwork for buried treasures, she enjoys creating customized commissioned paintings for special occasions, writing poetry, and ballroom dancing.

Kayla moved to NWA in 2004 and worked as a Financial Advisors’ Executive Assistant for Clement Financial Services. There, she developed a deep passion for “making a difference in the lives of people” which was the companies’ core goal. Seeing the positive impact and level of care provided to their clients inspired her to strive towards using her more artistic gifts to make an impact that extended beyond finances.

After nearly six years in the financial services business, Kayla moved on to pursue more creative endeavors. In 2014, she achieved her childhood dream of writing a book when Divine Detours was published. As a contributing writer and editor, she was proud to be a part of the memoir of her friend and mentor, Roxanne Clement, who lost her battle with cancer in 2012. Roxanne’s incredible story and legacy of ministry now brings hope to Benton County inmates through Divine Detours Ministries.            

Kayla enjoys living in downtown Bentonville with her husband Michael and their four children. She has no pets but enjoys being the trusted neighborhood pet sitter.