Rex Dickey serves as Chaplain for Bailey & Oliver Law Firm. Rex has over 30 years of pastoral experience in both Arkansas and Great Britain*. He is specifically trained to work in a secular environment, and is available to counsel on any matter, personal or professional. Most importantly, Rex follows strict guidelines about confidentiality. 

Why have a Business Chaplain?  Business Chaplains have what has been called a "ministry of presence." Situations arise when people need to talk with someone who will listen them, hold it in confidence and help them process the issue or, when warranted, are referred to other helpful resources in the community. The Business Chaplain is a resource ministering to the whole person as they are, where they are.   

As Business Chaplain for Bailey & Oliver, Rex Dickey:

  • is an interdenominational, ecumenical supportive service to employees and clients, responding to individual and family needs as well as work-life concerns.
  • provides a carefully structured preventative ministry working within the boundaries of our cooperative and supportive business.
  • serves all people regardless of their faith or non-faith origin.
  • is respectful of all people and the diversity of all faiths or no-faith backgrounds.
  • is NOT about converting but rather connecting with people where they are.
  • is NOT part of a faith or denominational promotion scheme with a preaching platform.

If you would like to contact Rex, email him at

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