Veterans Healthcare System of the Ozarks Fires Pathologist

By: Frank H. Bailey, Founding Partner

Veterans Hospital Healthcare System of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, AR, recently fired an “impaired” pathologist. Pathologists from around Arkansas and the region have volunteered to review the “impaired” pathologist’s cases dating back to 2005, including 5,250 cases involving patients who are now deceased.

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VOTE NO to Arkansas Issue 1 in November

We must protect citizen-juries and their power to make decisions. People on juries – Arkansas citizens – should decide the outcomes of court cases, not arbitrary guidelines.

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Fight Continued Nursing Home Abuse - Issue 1/SJR8

Nursing home - scabies scandal: "One of the most damning aspects of the story for me was the nurse who explained to regulators that higher-ups told the staff to keep quiet about the infestation.” -Mike Masterson, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. This wasn’t the first time. If Issue 1/SJR8 passes, it won’t be the last.

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