The Deposition Game Plan

By: Geoff Hamby, Trial Attorney/Catastrophic Injury Division

Attorney Geoff Hamby was the recent guest speaker for the August meeting of the Benton County Bar Association. Read more about his presentation topic "The Deposition Game Plan" on this blog.

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Remote Depositions

By: Geoff Hamby, Attorney

"Often we get asked about how to use normal deposition tools and tactics through these electronic mediums. How do we use documents with the witness? How do we read body language? How do we make sure the other attorney isn’t improperly communicating with the witness? These answers are all much simpler than they appear". - Geoff Hamby

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Should Depositions Be Videotaped?

By: Frank H. Bailey, Attorney, Co-Founder & Partner

It is important to have an accurate account of a deposition. Unless the court orders otherwise, the deposition may be recorded by sound, sound-and-visual, or stenographic means. Most lawyers have a court reporter record the testimony by stenographic means. At Bailey and Oliver, we have a videographer also record the deposition.

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