Punishing Corporate Wrongdoers

By: Frank H. Bailey, Founder/Senior Partner

At Bailey and Oliver Law Firm we want to make our community…our country… safer for the average person.

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Safety Rules for Construction Sites

By: Meredith Love, Legal Assistant/Special Projects/Catastrophic Injury Division

Construction sites can be some of the most hopeful places, symbolizing growth, innovation, creativity, stewardship, work ethic, and resilience, attributes that we often consider to be a part of the bedrock of our societies.

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Construction Sites and Wearable Tech

Though mostly confined in public perception to smart watches and fitness bracelets, wearable tech is on pace to make a much more significant impact in the very near future.

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Construction Site Injuries

We’ve all heard the necessity of destroying to create, which sounds fine when talking about the pyramids, but becomes ominous when applied to contemporary construction sites. The outlook for construction workers is not so good. Every day in the U.S., ...

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