Speaking of Suffering

By: Rex Dickey, Chaplain

"Today, the community of Orlando needs our love and support without turning their tragic situation into a point of debate about God's nature. Our prayers are with them today and all who are suffering with them. If I didn't learn anything else at all in seminary, I did learn one thing: when people are suffering it is not the time to carry on a theological conversation with them about suffering. It is important to be there for them in that very moment in whatever way we can." --Rex Dickey, Chaplain

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Characteristics of an Outstanding Law Firm

Characteristics of an Outstanding Law Firm Bailey & Oliver Law Firm was recently recognized by the readers of the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette as the Best Law Firm in the region. There are many great lawyers and law firms in our ...

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

By Sal From the time I was a little girl--3 years old, my parents called me their little tornado. I was scattered, loud, always forgetting something, or losing something, running late, etc. They used to say, “we always know where ...

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Book Report on HAPPIER by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D.

By: Sandy Henage

I selected this book at a time when I needed some insight into myself.  What this book revealed is there is no quick or easy answer to finding happiness.  It is necessary to do some serious soul searching and self-evaluation ...

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