Keep On The Lookout for Motorcyclists

By: Frank H. Bailey, Founder/Senior Partner

A 2003 study by the NHTSA also concluded that in multiple vehicle accidents the motorcyclist was less at fault than the other driver 80% of the time! What this tells us is that bikers traveling around this weekend are most at risk from local drivers and not their own behavior.

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#GivingTuesday: Ways You Can Join In The Global Day of Giving

Even the tiniest acts of generosity can help someone. For example, leave extra quarters on a washing machine in a laundry mat with a note "Use if you don't have change," or pay for the car behind you in the drive-through. Every act of giving helps. If you don't have money to give, donate your time, clothes, food or other resources.

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Final YOU Blog

By: Geoff Hamby, Trial Attorney/Catastrophic Injury Division

"I’ll definitely continue to play on the B&O golf team and I still love the game, I just won’t be entering tournaments where golf turns into work." -- Geoff Hamby

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Speaking of Suffering

By: Rex Dickey, Chaplain

"Today, the community of Orlando needs our love and support without turning their tragic situation into a point of debate about God's nature. Our prayers are with them today and all who are suffering with them. If I didn't learn anything else at all in seminary, I did learn one thing: when people are suffering it is not the time to carry on a theological conversation with them about suffering. It is important to be there for them in that very moment in whatever way we can." --Rex Dickey, Chaplain

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