Involved in a wreck? Now what?!

By: Frank H. Bailey, Founder/Senior Partner

Car Wreck Stock If you have been involved in a wreck, it is normal to be concerned about your car, your injuries, and your future.  Some people are scared they will do or say the wrong thing and hurt their case.  This is normal.   Some questions you may have are- How are you going to get to work?  Who will you take the children to school until your car is repaired?  Will the insurance company for the other driver be fair to you?  Should you talk to the insurance adjuster when he calls?

 These are all normal questions everyone has after a wreck.  Most important, and what we stress at Bailey and Oliver, is to seek good medical care if you have been injured as a result of the wreck.  We have found that often people will not realize the extent of their injuries until the next day when the adrenaline has worn off.  This is when good medical care can do you the most good and begin the healing process.

 At Bailey and Oliver, we try to answer your questions from the Chat function on our website, or through a phone call.  What is that old saying, "answers are just a phone call away."

 If you were not at fault and the other driver has insurance, you are entitled to a rental car until your vehicle is repaired or replaced.  If you have personal injury protection coverage on your policy, you are entitled to have your insurance company pay you for medical treatment usually up to $5,000.

 The personal injury division at Bailey and Oliver is staffed with a double board certified civil trial attorney with 42 years’ experience in handling personal injury cases.  The attorney is supported by a paralegal/RN that will communicate directly with your medical care providers.

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