Aviation Accidents: What is a black box?

Aviation accidents: What is a black box?

When we hear of aviation accidents we often hear the term “black box.” A black box is the name used for a flight data recorder which is located in the aircraft.  It is a recording system designed to record actions, movements and other details of the performance of an aircraft as it flies.  The information recorded by the black box can be very useful if determining what happened in the accident and who can be held responsible.   A cockpit voice recorder is another vital piece of evidence used by crash investigators to find out what was being said in the cockpit in the moments leading up to an accident.  

A black box is not actually black but is a bright orange color.  Black boxes are designed to undergo countless testing in extreme conditions such as exposure to fire and submersion in water to make sure they can withstand the conditions of a crash and the aftermath.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an aviation accident you may have questions about what to do next such as:

  • How to get to the site of an aviation crash

  • How to find out the cause of the accident

  • How to find out if a lawsuit for damages can be filed against whoever is responsible

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