Product Liability Overview


Americans buy a lot of merchandise – big and small. And we do so with the reasonable expectation that it will work. But whatever the quality of the product, we expect it to be safe. When we buy or use a defective or poorly designed product and are injured as a result, we have entered the realm of product liability law. To be on the safe side, we should all know a little about how product liability works.

By the time a product hits the shelves and eventually makes its way into your life, it has already passed through many phases of development. Every product is designed, manufactured, marketed and sold. Problems with the product can arise during any of these steps.

Sometimes a product is simply a poor design. Whatever problem may exist that eventually leads to your injury may be evident from the beginning. Other defects result from the manufacturing process. The design may be sound, but if the product is poorly made, it can be dangerous or at least create unintended consequences by the designers.

Lastly, there may be marketing defects. Misleading advertising or labeling could cause consumers to use the product in improper or even dangerous ways. Determining the source of the problem is important in determining who bears responsibility or liability for the defective product.

Claims involving product liabilities can be lengthy, costly and very complex. Consulting a law firm with a documented and successful history of product liability cases and extensive experience is vital in getting your case off the ground. You also need a firm with the resources and credibility to do battle against some of the largest corporations in the country.

Bailey & Oliver Law Firm has a winning history with product liability litigation. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, schedule a consultation with our firm and get honest advice about your options and the strength of your case. Protecting consumers is what we do, and we have the talent and resources to move your case forward.